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Source Fashion launches exclusive Retail Safari in London


Source Fashion, Europe’s premier responsible sourcing event, is launching a competition offering ten exclusive spots on a new Retail Safari. This immersive tour, led by Jack Stratten, Head of Trends at Inside Retail, will showcase London's best retail experiences on Monday, July 15th.

Winners will explore a variety of an innovative London stores, gaining valuable insights into the latest design and technology trends. The experience aims to inspire and inform participants, helping them enhance their own retail strategies.

Jack Stratten, a frequent speaker at Source Fashion, is renowned for his expertise in retail innovation and future trends. He has a knack for identifying emerging trends and often leads retail safaris to highlight innovative retail concepts. Stratten’s commentary provides businesses with a deep understanding of the evolving retail landscape.

Jack Stratten will guide us through a range of London's standout stores, showcasing the future of physical retail. From major global flagships to unique boutiques in Soho and the West End, the tour will delve into how stores are evolving in marketing, storytelling, and creating immersive experiences.

In today's digital age, stores are expected to offer more than just products for sale, and London provides an intriguing preview of what's on the horizon. Stratten's extensive network guarantees exclusive behind-the-scenes access, adding valuable insights to the experience.

Event Director Suzanne Ellingham highlights Source's focus on storytelling and customer connection. She emphasizes that exceptional retail seamlessly integrates digital and physical experiences, with London being a center of innovation. The Retail Safari provides visitors an opportunity to observe leading retailers in action and gain insights into achieving retail excellence.


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