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Shima Seiki offers fully integrated cutting system

Shima Seiki’s Cutting Solutions is a fully integrated cutting system that offers smooth workflow from design and programming to fabric spreading, labeling, cutting and pickup of cut parts. The company’s CAD/CAM line-up consists of the SDS-ONE APEX4 design system, the P-SPR2K fabric spreading machine with labeling option, the P-CAM161 multiply computerised cutting machine, and the pickup table with pickup projector.

The P-CAM161 offers high-quality, efficiency and productivity with good cost-performance. It is designed to handle precision cutting of a variety of fabrics and materials for flexible high-volume production. The pickup table features a pickup projector that projects images of cut parts onto the fabric to increase efficiency and prevent human error in pickup and sorting. The P-CAM160 is a single-ply computerised cutting machine. The P-SPR2K computerised spreading machine provides smooth spreading and stacking of knits and other fabrics with stretch characteristics. The labeling option is available for affixing labels to each part for smooth pickup. SDS-ONE APEX4 is a brand-new design system. Its fabric simulation capability in circular knitting, flat knitting, weaving, pile weaving and printing is designed to reduce sampling time, cost and material. The new PGM software features improved interface and up to a 40 per cent increase in productivity compared to the previous APEX3 system.