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Rieter’s K48 spinning machine consumes 18% less energy, shows trial


As highlighted during a recent comparison, the K 48 compact spinning machine by Rieter consumes 18 per cent lower energy than its competitors. 

Conducted at a Turkish spinning mill, the comparison showed, equipped with 1,824 spindles, the K 48 machine saves approximately $12,000 annually, reinforcing Rieter's position as a leader in energy-efficient compact-spinning technology. 

Conducted at spindle speeds of 19,200 rpm to produce Ne 30 cotton compact yarn, the trials at the Turkish facility showed, the K 48 requires only 1.21 kWh/kg of energy compared to the competitor's 1.48 kWh/kg. This advantage was further confirmed in another comparison for Ne 40 cotton yarn at 19,500 rpm.

The primary energy consumers in compact spinning are the spindle drive (75 to 80 per cent) and the suction system (12 to 17 per cent). Rieter's efficient suction system plays a significant role in its machines' energy savings, as competitors typically require additional energy-consuming suction systems for the compacting process.

Additionally, Rieter's Lena spindles contribute to lower energy consumption, offering a potential 6 per cent energy saving compared to standard spindles. Furthermore, the efficiency of the main motor drive is crucial, with Rieter's commitment to optimal energy utilisation evident in their use of up to 110 kW, highly efficient main motors with IE4 technology.



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