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Philippines prepares new strategy to boost garment exports

By 2022 the Philippines hopes to be among the top 20 garment exporters in the world and have an annual growth of 12.3 per cent in garment exports and a three to five per cent increase in textile exports. This is expected to be possible with an increase in the utilization of natural and synthetic textile fiber by five per cent to ten per cent.

By 2025, the country wants to be among the top 15 garment exporters, with a 21.7 per cent annual increase in garments and a 10 per cent increase in natural and synthetic textile fiber. Infrastructure gaps and logistical bottlenecks will be addressed. Production, communication, distribution and transport will be made efficient through high-quality infrastructure and logistical services. Export market diversification will be pursued with more bilateral free trade agreements with emerging markets to reduce dependency on the US and EU markets. By 2029, the Philippines hopes to be among the top 10 of the world’s biggest garment exporters.

The industry has already upgraded to original brand manufacturer with homegrown Filipino labels and the textile manufacturing can fully support garment producers by offering a more diverse range of products both for the local and export markets.