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Paolina Russo debuts Spinnova outfit at the Fabric Challenge


Designer duo Paolina Russo, recognized in Forbes' 30 under 30 list, unveiled their latest creation, marking a significant step in sustainable fashion. Crafted from a blend of Spinnova fiber and cotton, the outfit showcases a denim-like fabric woven in Finland and dyed using natural pigments sourced from pine and indigo.

Breaking away from the conventional perception of sustainable fashion as muted, the ensemble—a mini skirt, oversized jacket, and jeans—exudes vibrancy and creativity. Each piece is meticulously dyed and printed by hand, ensuring uniqueness.

Lucile Guilmard and Paolina Russo, the innovative minds behind the brand, emphasize the versatility of Spinnova fiber, heralding it as the ideal material for sustainable experimentation. Drawing inspiration from sportswear and folklore, they employed distress weave methods, screen printing, and natural dyes to infuse denim aesthetics with a fresh twist.

Their creation recently competed in the Challenge the Fabric Award, championing the utilization of man-made cellulosic fibers to promote a shift towards bio-based and recycled materials. Unlike conventional man-made cellulosic fibers, Spinnova fiber is produced mechanically, devoid of harmful chemicals.

Tuomas Oijala, CEO of Spinnova, commends the duo's initiative in spearheading sustainable fashion, affirming their pivotal role in reshaping the textile industry. The collaboration underscores a shared commitment to innovation and sustainability, promising a brighter future for fashion.



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