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“Our goal is to convert textile waste into fuel.”

Anant Ahuja, Managing Director, Shahi Exports

Anant Ahuja Managing Director Shahi ExportsBased in India, Shahi Exports is a large garment manufacturer. “We have 60 factories across ten states and a workforce of over lakh employees,” notes Anant Ahuja, Managing Director of the company.

The company is slowly learning about circularity. “We are experimenting with a lot of different ideas through our partnerships with brands as well as others.” Through these partnerships the company hopes to arrive at solutions that are sustainable, circular and economically viable. “Our goal is to convert this textile waste into fuel,” adds Ahuja.

According to Ahuja, brands need to find innovative ways to upcycle garments. “For this, we need to look at large scale solutions. A lot of large brands have made commitments to use 100 percent sustainable materials. This includes using post consumer recycled yarn. The cradle to cradle version of circularity makes this possible. However, its up to us to achieve this,” adds Ahuja.