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Naia gets tumultuous response for innovative cellulosic yarn

Eastman Naia has launched a cellulosic yarn which is cool and soft, with superior breathability compared to other cellulosic and synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester. Garments made with Naia fabrics have superior drape, flow, vivid colors, textures and prints.

Considering all the positive attributes that Naia brings to garments, including comfort, performance and sustainability, the future is bright for the Naia family of cellulosic yarns. While the initial launch was targeted at the intimate apparel sector, its applications range from athleisure to women’s wear and formal wear for both men and women.

Naia was launched in January 2017 and subsequently has been featured in shows that covers global markets. The brand has been shown in both Asian, European and the US markets. Eastman Naia is a global company with offices around the world. This allows the team to interact and engage with local mills and brands, directly providing them sales support. New grades of fiber are always under development to meet the evolving demands of mills and brands.