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Metaverse event planned


RLTY, Fabricant and World of Women have collaborated on a metaverse fashion event.

RLTY is metaverse event business. Fabricant and World of Women are metaverse fashion behemoths. Fabricant is a digital fashion brand that aims at infusing the metaverse with a sense of style. World of Women is a massive global NFT collection that was made possible by the contributions of tens of thousands of authors.

The main object of the event to be held between September 20 and 22, 2022, is to draw women and fashion into the metaverse. WoW and Fabricant designers will be dispersed across the event area to build up pop-up exhibits and sell memorabilia. To launch the event, WoW and Fabricant have collaborated to present a 27-piece digital fashion collection.

A 1000-piece collection that will be issued later includes the 27 items. One of these 27 pieces can be purchased by participants via OpenSea or during the event using MANA.One of the most well-known events in this category is the fashion show. Many major fashion brands have entered the metaverse by publishing their digital collections and exhibiting them there, including Nike and Zara. An earlier metaverse fashion week was held in March 2022. Numerous upscale fashion companies attended the festival.


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