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Marchi & Fildi Group unveils striking environmental strides in 2022 Sustainability Report


In a groundbreaking move, the Marchi & Fildi Group has unveiled its inaugural Sustainability Report, marking a pivotal moment in the company's unwavering commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values. The report, encapsulating the business year 2022, serves as a testament to the company's enduring dedication to innovation in products, processes, and community relations.

Adhering to the "GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards" by the Global Reporting Initiative, the report meticulously details the company profile, management model, and key initiatives. Focused on ESG factors, the report outlines noteworthy achievements, particularly in environmental performance.

Comparing 2022 to the preceding year, Marchi & Fildi achieved a remarkable 57% reduction in water consumption, a 19% decrease in wastewater, a 13% cut in electric power consumption, and an impressive 22% overall reduction in CO2 emissions. Simultaneously, Filidea demonstrated a substantial 26% cut in water consumption, a 22% decrease in wastewater, a 7% reduction in natural gas usage, a 14% decrease in electric power consumption, and an overall 7% reduction in CO2 emissions (Scope I + Scope II).

These statistics underscore the Group's consistent efforts towards resource optimization and the utilization of low-impact production technologies. Massimo Marchi, President of Marchi & Fildi, emphasized the strategic significance of the Sustainability Report, stating, "This is one of the stages towards the formalization of a strategic plan for the management of sustainability, a journey which the Group has been committed to for years and in which we believe 100%."



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