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Karl Mayer’s latest technology enables stylish shoe fabrics

Karl Mayer’s new RDJ 6/1 EN has piezo jacquard technology for producing stylish shoe fabrics. Almost 90 per cent of the jacquard shoe fabrics currently produced can be manufactured on the RDJ 6/1 EN. The new machine has a better price and operates faster than the higher-bar version. The configuration of this new machine makes it ideal for producing engineered spacer textiles. The RDJ 6/1 EN is available in gauges of E 22 and E 24 and has a working width of 138 inches and the distance between the knock-over comb bars can be adjusted continuously from two mm to eight mm. This is a flexible production machine with five guide bars and one split jacquard bar. It can also produce an extensive range of fabrics. Dense structures can be worked, as well as a wide range of patterns with holes, which can be of any size and placed in any location.

The result is attractive shoe fabrics with a specific breathability. If the split jacquard bars are moved in a counter lapping operating mode, the contours of the openings are exceptionally clear. In this case, the yarn is fed from two sectional warp beams. This facilitates yarn drawing-in and doubles the yarn running times – with a positive effect on productivity.


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