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Jeanologia's eDesigner software revolutionizes eco-friendly denim design


Spanish eco-technology leader, Jeanologia, is spearheading the digitalization of eco-design with its latest version of eDesigner software. Launched in 2020, eDesigner has become a creative and eco-efficient alternative to traditional denim design, promising a greener future for garment finishing.

The upgraded eDesigner boasts a more user-friendly interface and tailor-made tools for denim design, including the remarkable "Trace" feature, which employs artificial intelligence to generate hyper-realistic designs from a single image. Additionally, the software allows designers to work with digitized fabrics, ensuring high-definition renders mirror the final product.

An extensive Lightbrary offers a wealth of inspiration, offering laser designs, vintage concepts, wash effects, textures, and more. Designers can create from scratch or build upon existing designs, fueling innovation.

This version elevates digitalization by significantly reducing physical samples, cutting costs, and lowering the carbon footprint associated with sample transportation. With the ability to create digital cufflinks and analyze wash applications, the eDesigner streamlines the development process, shortening product development timelines and fostering efficient communication among stakeholders.

Carmen Silla, Jeanologia's Marketing Director, highlights that eDesigner empowers "infinite iterations at zero cost and impact" while improving production processes and accelerating time-to-market. Beyond software, eDesigner is a transformative tool driving the textile industry towards a more competitive, productive, and sustainable future.



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