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Jeanologia completes a decade in Bangladesh, boosts denim’s eco-footprint

Jeanologia has completed a decade in Bangladesh. It has become an expert technology partner of the main production centers. Its global solutions, based on clean technologies, are able to increase the efficiency and the automation of finishing processes without harming the creativity and obtaining the added value of sustainability for the garments. The company is now participating in the Bangladesh Denim Expo in Dhaka.

Jeanologia, based in Spain, is a leader in the development of sustainable technology for the textile industry. The company's innovative solutions are able to increase the productive capacity of laundries, reduce the time-to-market and offer an innovative, creative and ecological product.

Jeanologia has not only managed to reduce time-to-market but allows water savings of up to 95 per cent of and 90 per cent of chemicals use in finishing processes of jeans. It has taken on the challenge of transforming Bangladesh's production centers into eco laundries, integrating all technologies: laser, ozone and nano-bubbles. The goal is to improve competitiveness of laundries by helping them increase production and eliminate all processes that are detrimental to workers and the environment.

Bangladesh ranks second in the world behind China in jeans production. Jeanologia's purpose is to increase the production capacity of Bangladeshi manufacturers, especially in denim, by providing advisory services and state-of-the-art technology to improve the efficiency, design and added value of end products.