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Japan denim hub launches brand

Japan’s denim production hub straddling Hiroshima and Okayama prefectures has launched its own brand called Japan Denim. This initiative has been taken amid dwindling production of domestic denim due to a surge of low-cost fast-fashion clothing and cheap products from overseas, making it increasingly difficult to eke out a profit. There are 18 companies in the hub that have collaborated. These are small and midsize manufacturers that take pride in their sophisticated skills, working behind the scenes to supply high-quality denim to luxury brands. They offer uniquely designed denim products such as a skirt with large pleats in the front and a pair of pants sewn with pearls all over the piece. These companies are confident in their high-quality skills as they also handle denim products for overseas premium brands. But because most of the merchandise are produced under original equipment manufacturing arrangements, they remain in obscurity.

Manufacturers in Japan are trying to establish their own apparel brands across the country but many are struggling having failed to gauge consumer preferences. Japan Denim encourages them to provide designs and eases their fight for survival. Japan Denim also plans to expand sales channels into department stores and overseas markets.