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Innovations in Viscose take spotlight at Yarn Expo 2024

Innovations in Viscose take spotlight at Yarn Expo 2024


The recently concluded Yarn Expo Spring 2024 in Shanghai highlighted a key trend: the continued rise of viscose, a cellulosic fiber, as a sustainable and versatile material. Leading fiber manufacturers like Sateri, Lenzing, and Birla Cellulose showcased a range of innovative viscose products catering to the evolving needs of the textile industry.

Sustainability attains the focus 

Sateri, a major player in the viscose space, emphasized its commitment to green practices throughout its production chain. They highlighted strict control of raw materials, adherence to clean energy production standards, and active involvement in ecosystem preservation initiatives. This focus on sustainability resonates with a growing consumer demand for eco-friendly textiles.

Lyocell takes the spotlight

A significant development at the expo was the debut of lyocell products from Sateri. Lyocell, a type of viscose known for its soft and breathable qualities, is gaining traction across various applications, including denim, clothing, home textiles, and knitwear. Recognizing this potential, Sateri is investing heavily in lyocell research and development to cater to the evolving needs of the industry.

Innovation beyond sustainability

Sateri's advancements extend beyond just eco-friendliness. The introduction of their cross-linked lyocell fiber (CL series) offers superior dyeing properties and resists fabric fibrillation. This innovation not only enhances performance but also broadens lyocell's application in areas like knitting and home textiles.

Comfort and functionality

Sateri's EcoCosy series takes comfort to a new level. These 100% bio-based viscose fibers offer a 24-hour comfortable living experience with a natural, safe, and functional feel. EcoCosy blends seamlessly with cotton, linen, wool, and silk, providing a luxurious texture and biodegradability within 28 days. This focus on comfort and functionality aligns with consumer preferences for everyday wear.

Recycling makes its mark

Another highlight was Sateri's recycled fiber brand, FINEX. This brand utilizes cellulose recycling technology to transform post-consumer textile waste into new fibers. This focus on circularity helps reduce environmental pollution and resource wastage, promoting a more sustainable textile industry. Finex's recycled content of up to 50% further underscores Sateri's commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Looking Ahead

Yarn Expo 2024 provided a glimpse into the future of viscose. With a focus on sustainability, innovation, comfort, and functionality, viscose is poised to play a leading role in the textile industry. Innovations at the forefront of this movement are driving advancements that benefit both consumers and the environment.



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