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Indonesia turns to rayon for growth

Indonesia will use locally sourced textiles, such as rayon and polyester fibers, to lessen its dependence on imported products and boost textile exports.The increased use of viscose rayon, or rayon, in manufacturing is expected to boost production output of the textile industry, especially as the textile can act as a substitute for polyester and cotton. Production of polyester and cotton still does not meet the demands of the country’s textile and garment industry. Polyester production is not well developed enough, while cotton fabrics are still nearly 100 per cent imported. Rayon is produced in abundance in Indonesia and is competitively priced and a widely available eco-friendly fabric. Players from upstream to downstream are being encouraged to pursue research and development into sustainably produced rayon. One such player, Asia Pacific Rayon, which began production last year, has already produced 1,20,000 tons of rayon fibers. Almost half the output goes to the local market, while the rest is shipped to 14 countries, including Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Germany and Italy.

Of Indonesia’s total exports, clothing comprises 63.1 per cent. Indonesia’s textile industry experienced its heyday in the 1980s, when it recorded excellent performance and healthy growth to rank above Vietnam and other neighboring countries. This was a result of effective policies on import substitution and effective industry cooperation.