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Indonesia’s Asia Pacific Rayon plans circular operations


Asia Pacific Rayon (APR), Indonesia’s largest integrated viscose, rayon producer is committed to having a positive impact on climate and nature, clean manufacturing, circularity and inclusive communities by 2030. APR aims at pioneering accelerating circularity by producing 20 per cent of its viscose using recycled textiles. It will collaborate with industry partners to advance the collection, sorting and recycling of textile waste.

Through partnerships and investments, APR will further its research to understand the economics and logistics of recycled textiles, engage with the textile design community to inspire creativity and forge partnerships with innovators to advance technology solutions at scale. It will pioneer textile waste recycling in Indonesia, from establishing the collection, sorting and logistics infrastructure needed to ensuring textile waste do not end up in landfills. Another key aim is to move sustainable fashion beyond being niche and make it accessible to designers and consumers everywhere. The company would focus on closed-loop technology and product innovation as well as clean manufacturing and is committed to reducing 50 per cent of its water use, 80 per cent in waste-to-landfill per product ton through closed-loop production and recycling investments and a greater than 95 per cent sulfur recovery rate by 2030.


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