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In 2021, the world should unite against growing Chinese threat


In 2021 the world should unite against growing Chinese2020 will be remembered as a year that not only changed the global geopolitical map but also as a year that saw China’s dominance over world trade. As per a SRTEPC report, in recent years, the US and Europe saw a massive rise in imports from China. However, COVID-19 and China’s role in its global spread has forced these countries to rethink their policies and reduce dependence on China. This is particularly true for industries with security implications like finished engineering goods.

The US and its allies are now looking for new trade partners whom they can trust. The Trump administration could not earn the trust of Europeans due to the failed Trans-Atlantic Partnership deal. However, President-elect Joe Biden has been more transparent in his foreign policies, and is a strong believer in the importance of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Under his leadership, the Europeans are distancing themselves from China’s geopolitical ambitions as seen by some recent moves of Europe’s big wigs France and Germany.

Ban on technology imports from China

On July 8, 2019, the European Union along with 22 other countries sponsored a resolution in the UN Human Rights Council to condemn China’s massIn 2021 the world should unite against growing Chinese threat detention of Uighur Muslims, in Xinjiang Province. Now, the Union has initiated a move to impose targeted sanctions on China including a ban on import of technology from the country. In particular, the US plans to end its collaboration in telecommunications with China. This would seriously hamper China’s global ambitions in telecommunications.

The Biden Administration is likely to continue the policies followed by Trump government with regards to China. However, it will be more consistent in their implementation than the previous administration. The military influence exerted by the US in the Arab and Islamic world will be carefully and gradually withdrawn.

An eye on China-Pakistan ties

The Biden government will also continue to support Israel, and end sanctions imposed on Iran. It will also keep a check on increasing Chinese investments in China and Pakistan.

How much will the ongoing US-China feud benefit India, remains to be seen. As seen from the recent Joint Air Exercises carried by Pakistan and China, the Indian Ocean region is becoming the epicenter of power struggle between these three countries. Meanwhile, China’s armed forces have engaged in a military confrontation with India in Ladakh. They deployed 120 warships of various countries across the Indian Ocean Region. It is now time for India to collaborate with partners and allies to counter the growing Chinese threat.