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Future Group sticks to core

Future Group has decided to remain and trade in only three industries – food, fashion and home.

Future Group is reasonably strong in all these categories. Its first aim is to retain market share in the organised food and grocery market.

The company will vertically integrate these and increase efficiency to profit customers. Through Retail 3.0, it developed an ecosystem to decipher how it would use data, its wallet and its finances.

Future Group has its own products, factories and supply chains. It did a tie-up with Bajaj for credit; this way, through alliances, it developed an ecosystem in which technology can be used to provide the customers things from the ecosystem.

Future Group seems to be the right candidate for global players trying to win physical retail space. Over the past six years, the company has acquired half a dozen supermarket store chains and put together a total retail space of 13.6 million sq ft, with a presence in 255 cities through 930 stores. Only Reliance Retail comes close to Future Group’s national presence.

Nearly 10 per cent to 15 per cent customers are acquired online-to-offline by Future Group which it expects to go up to 35 per cent, especially through online promotions.