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From Pashkov House to global spotlight: Indian designers weave magic at BRICS+ Fashion Summit

From Pashkov House to global spotlight Indian designers weave magic at BRICS Fashion Summit


Moscow's Pashkov House pulsed with the rich tapestry of Indian fashion as four powerhouse designers stole the show at the BRICS+ Fashion Summit. Each, a master weaver of style, captivated the audience with collections that vibrated with the soul of Indian handlooms, yet sang to the rhythm of modern sensibilities.

KHANIJO, a rising star in the menswear galaxy, redefined cultural fusion. Sleek silhouettes waltzed with traditional motifs, empowering men to make a statement that echoed their roots with global panache. "Connecting with 62 countries? Sur surreal!" beamed Khanijo, his collection a testament to the international allure of Indian design.

Naushad Ali, the Pondicherry storyteller, painted a vibrant canvas of cultural exchange. His designs whispered tales of Danish whispers and Tamil echoes, breathing life into the history of Tranquebar, a town close to his heart. "It's about borrowing, adapting, and creating something uniquely ours," Ali declared, his garments a celebration of heritage reborn.

Shruti Sancheti, the champion of everyday elegance, elevated the ordinary to the extraordinary. Khadi, the fabric of freedom, took center stage, woven into pieces that exuded comfort and grace. "Khadi is a movement," she asserted, showcasing its versatility and timeless beauty to a global audience.

Ritesh Kumar, the Italian-trained maestro, orchestrated a symphony of contrasts. His "Snack" collection, inspired by Ottoman warmth and embraced by Indian vibrancy, created pieces that whispered cozy indulgence. "It's about feeling at home," he chuckled, his designs radiating a sense of luxurious comfort.

The BRICS+ stage wasn't just a runway; it was a bridge built with threads of silk and stories of heritage. Beyond showcasing Indian talent, these designers ignited a spark of collaboration and understanding, reminding us that fashion speaks a universal language.



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