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Finland-based Infinited Fiber makes fiber from textile waste

Infinited Fiber, based in Finland, has produced a strong, sustainable fiber from textile waste. The company is currently running a 50-ton pilot plant and plans to increase the annual capacity of next generation sustainable textile fiber production up to 500 tons in order to meet the growing demand from the market.

Besides cotton rich textile waste, Infinited Fiber manufacturing process can use most material containing cellulose, e.g. recycled paper, cardboard, and agricultural waste such as straw. The reborn fiber will be the same. Properties of the Infinited Fiber include a natural soft look and feel, consistent proven quality, 30 per cent to 40 per cent better color uptake than competing fibers. It’s antibacterial and bio-degradable and has excellent moisture absorption qualities. In addition, it has a total cost competitiveness in the textile production supply chain. The reborn Infinited Fiber is re-usable forever, carbon neutral and applicable like natural cotton without any microplastics harming the environment.

The business model of IFC is to license the Infinited Fiber technology for global fiber producers in textile and non-woven industries. End-use applications include fashion, disposable personal care products (e.g. wipes, diapers, pads) and technical products (e.g. automotive filters, dairy, construction applications). The production process is protected by several patents in key market areas.