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Dubai aims at to be a global fashion hub

Over the past few years, Dubai has steadily positioned itself as the regional hub for fashion entrepreneurs, stylists, designers and international retail brands. This growth is also being fuelled by up and coming local and regional designers, who are capitalising on the diverse cultural experiences to provide a tailored product range for their customers.

Global brands as well as big names such as Dolce & Gabbana and Tommy Hilfiger have launched their own modest fashion collections. Technology, from an e-commerce point of view, has also played a huge role in providing a platform to startups to reach their consumers directly at a much lower cost than they would have expected to bear about a decade ago.

All of these factors create an environment that is ripe for further disruption and evolution in the coming years and Dubai, as always, has set itself up at the forefront of this fashion revolution. The region's first dedicated fashion and design institution, College of Fashion and Design, aims to nurture local, regional and international talent.

There is a clear gap in the market for skilled fashion professionals and CFD hopes to equip students with international standard education and training in the business of fashion.