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Drop in Pakistan’s cotton output affects domestic textile industry


The continued and massive decline in the output of cotton crop is posing serious threat to Pakistan’s textile exports. Pakistan was the fourth largest producer of cotton in the world however cotton production in the country has declined to its lowest level mainly due to inconsistent policies.

Cotton cultivation area has recorded over 33 per cent drop during the last few years and the crop has come down to its lowest level in the last three decades, reaching 0.5 million bales from 1.5 million cotton bales, according to data from Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA).

Currently over 60 per cent ginning industry is closed due to lower cotton production. The massive decline in production is a complete failure of government policies and lack of concentration to the cotton crop. If the government does not take serious steps for increase in cotton crop, Pakistan will be completely deprived of cotton cultivation and accordingly textile exports.

According to PCGA the government should formulate a special policy to modernize the cotton industry. In addition, new verities of cotton should be introduced to get more crop yield. PCGA also urged for facilities like textile sector and concessional power tariff for ginning factories. It said that due to the low level of cotton production, a total some 8 billion would be imported to meet the domestic industry demand and it will cost 3 billion dollar foreign exchange. India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Sudan and other countries have surpassed Pakistan by supporting and modernizing their cotton industry, while Pakistan is still relying on old technology.