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Cotton fabric trends for Autumn/Winter 2024 by Italtex

As predicted by textile trendsetter, Italtex the autumn/winter 2024 promises to be luxurious and eco-conscious season with cotton taking the center stage in collection with a focus on rich colors, playful textures, and sustainable practices. 

Here's a peek at a few of these exciting upcoming trends in cotton:

1. Rising supremacy of lilac & purple: This season, cotton embraces elegance with purple and soft lilac hues adorning jacquards. These would sometimes be paired with bold abstract prints. The color purple will take on various forms ranging from classic suits to modern tweeds, thus offering something for every style.

2. Modern twist to winter blues: Winter blues will get a refreshingly modern twist as they intertwine with grays in jacquard wool coats. Graphic motifs and unexpected details like 3D-printed flowers will adorn knit felt. The shade blue will be combined with cream and red in chunky tweeds to give them a more sporty look. Cotton knits will be transformed with shimmering chenille and playful transparency effects. Rich, velvety blues with eye-catching prints will add a touch of drama to the outfit.

3. A sensual touch to black: This season black takes on a sensual and innovative approach with intricate embroideries on delicate tulles creating a captivating lace-like effect. Boldness will rule with shiny coatings on geometric jacquard jerseys. Textures take center stage with embossing on lightweight fabrics and technical applications on parachute cloth, softened by beautiful embroidery. Ultra-light jerseys will showcase tattoo like patterns with their stunning interplay between opacity and transparency.

Thus, the cotton fabric trends for A/W 2024 promise a captivating blend of timeless elegance, eco-conscious practices, and cutting-edge innovation.



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