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Coronavirus outbreak to boost apparel exports in Turkey

The Coronavirus outbreak in China is likely to boost Turkey’s apparel exports as a halt in operations in the mainland is expected to shift orders toward Turkey. The apparel industry, which sold goods worth $17.7 billion to foreign countries in 2019, looks to increase its exports to $19 billion this year. Its share in the country's overall exports of $14.8 billion in January 2020 was 10.1 per cent. In all, the country exported apparels worth $1.5 billion during the month.

Around 73.4 of apparels were exported to EU countries, with Germany and Spain being the main destinations. Several fashion retailers manufacture clothing in Coronavirus-hit China are negotiating with Turkish firms to shift their production base to Turkey. Around 1 per cent of the orders would be shifted to Turkey initiatlly that could amount to $2 billion.

The virus outbreak has also prompted many factories to suspend operations as authorities are trying to contain its spread.