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ColossusTex launches ‘Graphene Yarn’ at Bharat Tex 2024


A stalwart in the Indian textile industry, ColossusTex unveiled its latest innovation ‘Graphene Yarn’ at the Bharat Tex 2024 trade show in New Delhi. 

Boasting an impressive antibacterial rate of 99 per cent, this textile innovation offers a potent shield against odors and skin diseases. Infused with far-infrared healthcare technology, the Graphene Yarn actively promotes microcirculation on the body's surface while demonstrating antiviral properties. 

In addition to Graphene Yarn, ColossusTex unveiled three other novel yarns: Cotlook, Magic Sparkle, and Silkshine. These innovative products have been specifically designed to address textile waste in the carpet industry, aligning with ColossusTex's commitment to eco-sustainable production practices. Each yarn offers unique features and functionalities aimed at enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and sustainability of textile products.

With its rich legacy and unwavering dedication to innovation, ColossusTex continues to redefine the textile landscape in India and beyond. Through the introduction of pioneering products like Graphene Yarn and its ongoing pursuit of sustainability, ColossusTex remains at the forefront of shaping a more resilient and responsible textile industry



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