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CmiA cotton gets good response


Demand from companies for CmiA (cotton made in Africa) cotton is growing. As one of the world’s leading initiatives for sustainably produced cotton in Africa cotton made in Africa represents a socially and environmentally responsible basis for the global textile chain. It gives a face to the small-scale farmers who form the bedrock of the fashion industry. Working in accordance with the Cotton made in Africa standard, some one million small-scale farmers from 10 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa currently account for around 30 per cent of African cotton production.

CmiA cotton has a significantly smaller ecological footprint than the global average. With greenhouse gas emissions at 13 per cent below the global average for cotton cultivation, CmiA cotton also contributes less to climate change. Small-scale farmers benefit from agricultural and business training that enables them to improve their yields and cultivation methods. Beyond sustainable cotton production, Cotton made in Africa actively advocates for issues like healthcare, respect for children’s rights, and equal rights for men and women. This directly contributes to improved awareness of social issues in village communities. Factory workers in the ginneries, where cotton seeds are separated from the fibers by machine, benefit from improved working conditions. Consumers can identify these products through the Cotton made in Africa label. Each purchase represents a direct investment in improving living conditions and protecting the environment.


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