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China’s exports to the US up seven per cent

Last year, China’s exports of textiles and clothing to the US increased 7.9 per cent. Clothing accounts for 73 per cent of those exports, and textiles make up the other 27 per cent. China is still at the top of sourcing for American brands. This is because in comparison to China other manufacturing countries are not able to provide quicker service.

For some products with complex procedures, the delivery time in Southeast Asia is at least one month slower than in China. If the quantity of zippers and all the buttons is miscalculated before production, it can be solved in China in only two hours, while in Southeast Asia, the production line would need to be shut down for two days to wait for the right accessory to be replaced. So brands with fast-fashion items that need to be replenished quickly prefer to stay with China. Compared with emerging textile and garment manufacturing countries such as Southeast Asia and Africa, China’s supply chain is still in a favorable position for fast orders. China still holds a 31.5 per cent market share of textiles and apparel in the US.

Chinese and American companies have not stopped trying to seek opportunities for cooperation.