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Cellulose Fibres Conference 2024: Pioneering sustainable innovations


In its fifth edition, the Cellulose Fibres Conference, slated for March 13–14, 2024, in Cologne, Germany, and online, promises a dynamic platform for 220 participants from 27 countries. Renowned as a catalyst for advancements in cellulose fibre technology, the conference focuses on sustainable practices in textiles, hygiene products, and packaging.

The cellulose industry, primarily reliant on wood-based chemical pulp, is evolving with the emergence of alternative sources like agricultural wastes, recycled textiles, and paper grade pulp. The 2024 conference will explore these transformative trends, showcasing new technologies, processing methods, and ideas.

With a keen eye on sustainability, the conference aligns with the European Commission's push for circular economies. Sessions will spotlight the transition of industries, especially textiles and single-use products, toward eco-friendly practices. Green technologies extracting cellulose from diverse sources, such as distillers' grains and banknotes, will be a focal point, reinforcing the industry's commitment to sustainable production.

Cellulose fibres, as bio-based and biodegradable materials, are positioned as a viable substitute for single-use plastics. The conference will delve into innovations like 100% cellulose-based recyclable barrier papers and cellulose foam, offering sustainable solutions for packaging, wet wipes, and hygiene products.

The 2024 Cellulose Fibres Conference aims to consolidate the gains made in the past decade, bringing together key players across the cellulose value chain. With a comprehensive agenda covering lignocellulose, chemical pulp, cellulose fibres, and their applications, the event underscores the industry's trajectory towards a promising and sustainable future. The conference expresses gratitude to key industry supporters and features the "Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year 2024" award, sponsored by GIG Karasek.

Innovators are invited to submit their groundbreaking contributions by the December 15, 2023 deadline, contributing to the ongoing success story of the Cellulose Fibres Conference.



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