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Global contents also translated in Chinese

Canton Fair showcases smart manufacturing

China’s Canton Fair featured more than 9,000 cloth and textile stands covering children's wear, underwear, accessories, sports and casual wear, men’s and women’s clothes, raw materials and home textiles.

Chinese companies showecased their raising capability in global operations, smart manufacturing and new product development. Sunrise Carpet offered flame-retardant silk and cotton blended carpets. Artweaver merged elements from native American culture with its denim fabric in its new impressionism-style carpet. Xique offered a towel made of bamboo charcoal fiber which can thoroughly clean pores and wash away dirt for a fresh experience. The company has covered developed markets such as Japan, Russia, Thailand, Singapore and Canada, and is adding new categories to its product line and introduced pillows to this year's Canton Fair.

An incubator for small and medium-sized companies, and an engine for market leaders, Canton Fair helps textile companies have fruitful results and encourages exhibitors to present new products and new technologies as well as to expand their market. The event is a platform where buyers need no longer visit the factory but pick up product samples on-site. This helps companies establish business relationships and raise brand awareness with partners. In addition to innovative design concepts, companies can look for new materials.