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Candiani, Lenzing join hands to launch new denim fabric with alternative fibers


Candiani Lenzing join hands to launch new denim fabric with alternative fibers

Italian premium denim manufacturer Candiani and specialized manufacturer of cellulosic fibers, the Lenzing Group have collaborated to sensitize consumers and industry leaders on the growing need to be sustainable and adopt fabrics made from alternative fibers like hemp. As per a Spin Off report, the collaboration has taken off with the launch of a limited edition collection of 50 shirts made with Coreva stretch denim fabric containing an innovative variant of Tencel made from hemp fibers. The collection was launched inside the Candiani store in Corso di Porta Ticinese in Milan.

The project enables Lenzing to develop new sustainable fibers, says Carlo Covini, Project Manager-Marketing Textiles The brand has been launching different fiber solutions to boost sustainability in the apparel market and embrace a circular business model. Few years ago, it launched the Tencel X Refibra technology to upcycle cotton and wood scraps and convert them into a new material.

Meeting production standards

A year ago, Lenzing also launched the Orange Fiber & Tencel Limited Edition initiative that involves recycling orange peel to produce new Tencel fibers. Looking to produce these fibers at industrial scale, the brand purifies each raw material and prepares to meet production standards, adds Covini. Candiani has also been involved in similar initiatives. Winner of the ITMA Sustainable Innovation Award in 2019, the company developed Coreva, a plant-based yarn made from natural rubber for making stretch biodegradable denims.

Made with about 20 per cent limited edition Tencel Hemp fibers, the new denim shirts contain 68 per cent organic cotton and 2 per cent Coreva fibers. They are sold at €185 a piece at the same price of a Candiani Coreva denim shirt. Covini says, the new range of shirts helps them measure the reactions of customers and explain the characteristics of their products.

Though hemp can be grown easily and requires little water and no chemicals and pesticides, it is not a completely sustainable material. To make the fiber more sustainable, Candiani added a supernatural stretch to make the fiber super soft.


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