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British poll demonstrates consumers’ lack of trust in fashion brands

A recent poll in Britian indicated six in 10 people are willing to spend upto 5 per cent more on clothing if garment workers are paid the so-called "fair living wage" that would allow them to cover the basic needs of their families. However, according to an opinion poll by Ipsos MORI, over two-thirds of consumers found it difficult to know if these brands have high ethical standards, while less than a fifth would trust information on sustainability provided by clothing companies.

The poll based on interviews with 7,700 adults across seven nations from Britain and France to the United States - found that consumers considered luxury brands to be no better than budget or high-street retailers when it came to sustainability.

About 6 per cent of respondents associated Italian label Gucci and budget chain Primark with having sustainable supply chains, the poll, commissioned by the Changing Markets Foundation and the Clean Clothes Campaign, stated.