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BRICS+ Summit Explores Sustainability: Can Zero-Waste Fashion Become Reality?

BRICS Summit Explores Sustainability Can Zero Waste Fashion Become Reality1


Sustainability took center stage at the BRICS+ Fashion Summit in Moscow, with a spotlight on the intriguing concept of zero-waste fashion. The session titled "Closed-loop fashion. An inspiring utopia?" brought together industry experts, like Aishwarya Sharma of the Fort Fashion Council, to dissect the challenges, incentives, and potential impact of this eco-conscious approach.

The quest for a "sustainable" fashion industry raises crucial questions. How can brands be motivated to embrace zero-waste practices? Why are only a select few committed to these guidelines? And most importantly, how does this impact the consumer?

Aishwarya shared insights on the evolving consumer landscape, noting that post-pandemic awareness of safety and conscious consumption has surged. "There's a clear shift towards organic products," she observed. "People are becoming more mindful of what they buy and wear, and this trend is gaining traction even in India."

Beyond consumer choices, the session explored the role of media and influencers in driving eco-conscious practices. Aishwarya emphasized that sustainable fashion is ultimately driven by people. While eco-activism can set a powerful societal trend, brands themselves are also human-powered. This highlights the importance of brand alignment with influencers, ensuring their message resonates with their values.

The BRICS+ Summit discussion underscored the growing commitment to a more sustainable fashion future. Zero-waste fashion, once an alluring utopia, might be inching closer to reality, fueled by conscious consumers, responsible brands, and influential advocates.



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