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Autumn Fair 2024: A premier retail destination

Autumn Fair 2024 A premier retail


Autumn Fair, the UK's foremost retail marketplace scheduled for September 1-4 at NEC Birmingham, is primed for its highly anticipated return. Renowned for its role as a vital hub in the latter part of the year, the fair offers an indispensable platform for buyers to explore an extensive range of new and captivating products from leading brands in the retail industry.

Curated selection

With over 600 carefully selected suppliers spanning Home, Gift, and Fashion sectors, Autumn Fair prides itself on its curated selection of products. Notably, more than 30 per cent of brands showcased are exclusive to Autumn Fair, making it a unique and sought-after event in the retail calendar. Among the confirmed exhibitors for 2024 are industry giants like Widdop & Co, Lesser and Pavey, Hill Interiors, and a host of others, promising an exciting showcase of the latest offerings in the market.

Anticipation and excitement

Jackson Szabo, Portfolio Director of Autumn Fair, exudes confidence in the upcoming event, expecting an impressive turnout of over 12,000 visitors. With a staggering 85 per cent of attendees coming with the intent to buy or source products, Szabo emphasizes Autumn Fair as the perfect destination for retailers looking to meet key suppliers and place orders ahead of the peak shopping season. The event is touted as a wholesale platform that not only celebrates quality homewares, gifts, and fashion products but also streamlines the shopping experience with fast fulfilment, catering specifically to the winter season's demands.

Appeal to retailers

Autumn Fair's appeal extends to retailers of all scales, from major players to independent businesses. With over 80 per cent of attendees wielding purchasing power, and a vast majority attending to procure products for their businesses, the fair holds paramount importance in the retail industry. Jane Harris, Buyer for Anne Furbank in Buckden, praises the fair as an invaluable opportunity to engage with a diverse array of suppliers, including smaller, independent businesses that often offer unique and niche products.

Strategic platform for exhibitors

For exhibitors, Autumn Fair represents a strategic platform to showcase new product ranges and capitalize on the lead-up to the festive season. Alan Pimm, Managing Director of Sifcon, expresses enthusiasm for returning to Autumn Fair, citing the event as the ideal stage for launching new products and leveraging the momentum generated by Spring Fair 2024. Similarly, Jonny Greves, Director at Lesser and Pavey, highlights the significance of ensuring sufficient stock availability for retailers during the busiest quarter of the year, emphasizing the pivotal role of Autumn Fair in driving success for exhibitors.

Value of face-to-face interaction

Stephen Illingworth from Widdop & Co emphasizes the irreplaceable value of face-to-face interactions facilitated by trade shows like Autumn Fair. He underscores the importance of such events in enabling companies to engage effectively with customers, particularly during critical selling periods like autumn and Christmas. Illingworth stresses the necessity of showcasing new launches and engaging with customers directly, which he believes is best achieved through trade shows.

A cornerstone event

As Autumn Fair 2024 approaches, anticipation mounts within the retail industry for an immersive experience where retailers can source the best products to meet consumer demand during the peak shopping season. With its comprehensive selection of brands and products, Autumn Fair stands as a cornerstone event for industry professionals seeking innovation, quality, and efficient sourcing solutions. As the countdown to September begins, all eyes are on NEC Birmingham, where Autumn Fair promises to once again set the stage for a successful end-of-year retail season.



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