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American Apparel back to business

American Apparel has made a comeback and under a completely new management system. The retailer shut down shop due to bankruptcy last April. From the classic Easy Jean to the spandex bodysuits, American Apparel has always been a timeless favorite of trend-searchers across the globe. It was known for classic tees and dresses.

The label Made in the USA became such a staple that as the popularity of the brand grew, those little labels seemed to be the sole reason people shopped at American Apparel. With authentic, bold advertisements of men and women in odd and suggestive poses, the brand grew on encouraging self-expression and embracing one’s sexuality.

Through campaigns such as Legalize Gay, Legalize LA and using American sweatshop-free factories, the brand has attracted dressers of all types from across the US.

After filing for bankruptcy in January 2016, the financial instability didn’t stop there. Last November, the company was told to repay $177 million in debt at a bankruptcy hearing. Despite years of financial issues, American Apparel has been a staple in American fashion for decades. American Apparel supported social causes like homosexuality and immigration rights. Controversy over what others perceive as overly-sexualized advertisements eventually took its toll on the brand.