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AEPC kickstarts seminars

Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) kickstarted the first of fashion forecasting seminars in the month of November 2017 for autumn/winter 2018-19.

The second series of seminars began on March 9, 2018, from Mumbai for the spring/summer 2019 season.


The season is divided into three broad themes, Common Ground, In Touch and Creative Manifesto. The context for Common Ground is de-globalization in a connected world. For better or for worse, the current political landscape will have lasting effects on globalization, well beyond 2019. In a time of de-globalization, many consumers and countries will turn away from the world economy and focus on domestic growth. At the same time, many people long to connect both locally in real life and globally through social media. It’s time to find a common ground.

In Touch highlights that in the time of constant change, consumers swing between tracking their personal data, social media and the news to wanting to opt out entirely. One thing is for sure, people will want to get back in touch with the things that touch them, both emotionally and physically, including sexuality, moods, microbes and food.


The context for Creative Manifesto is the inequalities and pressures for conformity. In a world in which people are clamoring for truth and transparency, manifesting a desire to be different, to be heard and make an impact, creativity and self expression will flourish, both above and underground. In such times of upheaval, creativity should be encouraged in both business and design as a weapon for change.

The seminars are being organized by AEPC in association with WGSN, the leading trend forecasting agency of the world. The speaker at the event will be Kim Mannino, head of WGSN LIVE, from the WGSN London office. Kim is a very seasoned and experienced professional and has worked for over 30 years in the industry. She has worked with Promostyle for over 20 years and is currently leading the live presentations division of the company.


All the above trends will be brought to life by 3D mood boards developed by WGSN and key commercial items of the season which were developed in-house by WGSN clients in India.

The seminars are being organized in Mumbai on March 9, 2018; Bangalore on March 11, 2018; Ludhiana on March 12, 2018; and Noida on March 13, 2018.