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Uster launches EVS Fabriq Vision


Uster has launched a new product -- the Uster EVS Fabriq Vision -- that makes producing quality fabrics much easier. The product gathers quality data and presents it in an album used to certify the quality of each fabric roll with traceability. The machine combines quality assurance and process optimization.

Uster EVS Fabriq Vision ensures reliable quality by using automated control during intermediate and final inspection, removing the need for manual inspection. The material is inspected by multiple spectroscopes while the unique image processing algorithms identify all defects automatically, recording them in a dataset for each produced roll – which is also used for traceability.

The machines generate a defect map automatically generated, to help operators understand the allocation of defects in the fabric roll. This information is also available at an offline PC in the Fabriq Album software, which is a valuable tool for optimizing data for final cutting or further processing steps.

The Fabriq Album software ensures optimum inspection efficiency and throughput. Machine learning capabilities and the implementation of AI-assisted defect classification extend the use of quality data generated by Fabriq Vision. Uster Fabric Inspection solutions bring the added benefit of helping customers to prepare for a digital future.


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