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Turkish towels sees good demand in Denmark

Turkey is known for towels, bathrobes and bed sheets. The country has found markets for these products in Denmark and Sweden. Turkish towels are world famous. The country now wants to make Turkish towels a world brand. Exports of towels to Denmark increased 121 per cent in nine months of this year compared to the previous year.

Europe prefers towels in gray and dull colors, in simple embroidery. Turkish towels are made from Turkish cotton, a premium cotton that has extra long fibers. Using longer fiber cotton means fewer joins, which results in stronger and smoother cotton threads. Because of this unique material, Turkish towels are known to become even softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with successive washings.

Turkey is known for producing some of the highest quality cotton products in the world and the towels are as absorbent as traditional towels but take up less room and dry very quickly. The soft cotton is lightweight and super absorbent, making them dry much more quickly than a traditional cotton terry towel. They often come in bright colors as well as more muted tones, and are extremely versatile for bath and beach, even as a scarf, sarong, or a summer throw. They make the perfect pool towel but you can also use them as scarves, wraps, or even as tablecloths.