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Three CIEL textile companies join RR Platform to boost circular economy


Aquarelle, Tropic, and Laguna, three subsidiaries of CIEL Textile in India, have joined the Reverse Resources (RR) platform. This platform is dedicated to monitoring the journey of waste materials from their initial use to their transformation into new resources.

With a roster of over 600 stakeholders, including manufacturers, fashion brands, waste handlers, sorters, and recyclers, the RR platform facilitates collaboration for a more circular economy by sharing data and optimizing the textile waste supply chain.

Eric Dorchies, CEO, CIEL Textile, notes partnership with the platform aligns seamlessly with its sustainability strategy. CIEL Textile aims to divert 100 per cent of its waste towards recycling by 2030, and tracking materials will enhance efficiency throughout a product's lifecycle.

Nin Castle, Co-Founder, Lead-Recycling, and Chief Project Officer at Reverse Resources, appreciates forward-thinking manufacturing groups like CIEL Textile for actively supporting the emerging field of textile-to-textile recycling and advancing circular production processes.



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