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Textile mills cry foul over adulterated cotton from Gujarat

Textile mills in north and south India are outraged because of the adulterated cotton coming from Gujarat. Since cotton farmers are holding on to their raw cotton inventories for the prices to improve, ginners are mixing lower quality cotton with higher quality to cater to the demand from other states and reduce losses.

Mills and traders, who procure cotton from Gujarat have said that this year the level of adulteration, which used to be around 10-15 per cent, has climbed to 40 per cent. Same is the case with cotton supplied by ginners from the state of Maharashtra.

A bale of 170 kg raw cotton contains 32 per cent lint, 63 per cent seed and another 5 per cent is waste. The cost to ginners is Rs 8,500 per bale and Rs 500 for production. Ginners are being offered Rs 8,000-8,200 per bale for ginned cotton. After adulteration, the loss is being reduced to Rs 200-300 per bale.

Since even the good quality cotton such as Shankar 6 from Gujarat, is being mixed with lower quality cotton, south Indian mills are now importing it from Africa. Industry insiders have said that imports could further increase if Gujarat ginners don’t stop mixing high and low quality cotton.