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Textile care goes hi-tech

Textiles and garments are being equipped with a wide variety of functions that offer protection and comfort at work and during leisure activities. Breathability, warmth, wind, water, oil and chemical resistance, as well as flame protection, rank among the most important properties of modern outdoor, ski or, in particular, functional protective and fire-fighting clothing.

However, textiles are affected by substances such as sweat, dirt and chemical or biological contamination. Only correct care can give garments back their functionality and protective qualities. Developments in mechanical engineering, detergent chemistry and textile research are aimed at maintaining the value and functionality of professional, protective and outdoor clothing and surgical textiles. Restoration of special effects calls for great expertise.

Particularly difficult to launder are garments with fluorine-based water, oil and chemical resistance, which require special surfactant blends. These surfactant blends shift dirt without any significant adverse effects on the functional aspects.

A textile care specialist can guarantee a perfect finish leaving breathability unaffected and retaining the protective function essential for workers in high-risk jobs. Professional wet cleaning is an alternative to classic dry cleaning with solvents and is gaining in importance thanks to the very gentle and efficient cleaning.

As compared to household laundry, professional cleaners can regulate the water exactly. The machines have a greater drum capacity, the mechanical washing action is greatly reduced and the detergent and additives are matched exactly to the process.