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TechnoSport launches new fabric range for performance wear


A leader in sportswear innovation, TechoSport has launched a new fabric range known as Cotflex. 

Crafted by TechoSport's dedicated research and development team, this cutting-edge fabric represents a monumental breakthrough in performance wear. The fabric blends a unique fusion of yarns to deliver unparalleled comfort, performance, and adaptability. Sunil Jhunjhunwala, Co-Founder, TechnoSport, elucidates, TechnoSport's Cotflex technology seamlessly merges a mechanical stretch component yarn with a double UV protection yarn, providing a distinct cotton-like feel while upholding top-tier performance standards.

Setting itself apart from traditional fabrics, Cotflex presents a cotton-like tactile experience alongside exceptional durability and performance attributes. Here are some standout characteristics:

Cotflex offers a 4-way stretch, ensuring uninhibited movement without clinging, ensuring maximum comfort for any activity. Despite its modest thickness, Cotflex fabric is incredibly lightweight, granting wearers a sense of liberation and ease.

Engineered to swiftly absorb perspiration and dry rapidly, the fabric keeps the skin dry and comfortable, ideal for vigorous workouts or daily wear. It shields wearers from harmful UV rays, ensuring safety during outdoor pursuits.

Cotflex fabric integrates antimicrobial technology for cleanliness and odor control, while its anti-static properties repel dust, maintaining a pristine appearance.

Moreover, it features a unique memory function, swiftly rebounding from creases and wrinkles for a sharp and polished look with minimal effort. The fabric surpasses conventional materials, establishing a new benchmark for comfort and functionality, affirms Jhunjhunwala



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