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Steiger launches flat knit machine

Steiger has launched a new flat knitting machine which incorporates new technologies. Steiger is a Chinese-owned Swiss flat knitting machine builder. The Steiger C2.185.SCP uses the company’s recently developed compound needle and a new yarn feeder with both horizontal and vertical control.

The new compound needle, which has a split slider element is able to transfer stitches to and from both slider and hook, thus enabling stitch transfer whilst knitting all needles. The technology is particularly suited to complete or seamless garment knitting and in this gauge allows the knitting of 3 and 5 gauge look seamless garment. Steiger has used motorised feeders for some years now but has now introduced a new feeder with a controllable vertical movement.

The Steiger company is based in Switzerland. In the early 70s Steiger launched the first machines for producing elastic stockings and tubular articles for orthopedic uses. In 1980 to 1990, the company presented the Electra series of flat knitting machines for producing shaped knitwear. In 2005, Steiger presented a new concept of knitting machine, the Gemini. In 2008, came the Libra. This machine was created to bring the concept of high quality intarsia machine to a perfect quality and price relation. The machine is available with three systems and 16 motorized yarn-guides.