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Sri Lanka focuses on value additions in apparels

Sri Lankan exporters want tax exemptions. They feel the country can be a sourcing hub much like Hong Kong and they can specialize in value additions in terms of products and styles. Sri Lanka is not very competitive when it comes to apparel exports. Bangladesh has the advantage of cheap labor and so can be more competitive. Lanka can however capitalize on being internationally recognized in terms of quality and delivery. So modernization and industrialization in technology and machinery could help. Incorporation of new technologies will result in efficiency, help existing workers be more productive and break the monotonous nature of their jobs.

Sri Lanka feels apparel exports are no longer viable and that it is time to look at other growth areas that promise better returns. The country is looking at production of electronic items such as mobile phone accessories and robotic machine spares since China has decided to use around 4,000 robotic machines for production.

Another profitable area would be parts of electronic and electrical goods and other modern equipment which are needed by Japan and which are manufactured in countries such as Thailand. With this in view, the country is planning to introduce technology in schools soon.