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Shima Seiki releases i-Plating option for patterning on knits

Shima Seiki has released a new i-Plating option on two models of its computerised knitting machines. Both machines feature special loop pressers for producing inlay patterns that yield novel knit-weave hybrid fabrics. By combining i-Plating with inlay capability on these machines, new possibilities of patterning are now available for a diverse knit design.

Unlike conventional plating techniques, i-Plating offers inverse-plating capability, in which alternate yarns are shown on the fabric surface in any specific pattern or design, producing jacquard-like patterns in plain jersey stitch. i-Plating goes a step further, overcoming current limitations in inverse-plating by offering this capability within the same course and for individual needles for greater efficiency and expanded patterning capability.

Shima Seiki, founded in 1962, is a computerised flat knitting machine manufacturer of Japan. It’s known for the fully automated glove knitting machine and the fully automated seamless glove knitting machine. The seamless glove became the inspiration for the eventual development of the seam-free Wholegarment knitting technology for which the company is now best known.

Wholegarment knitting is capable of producing knitted items in their entirety on the machine, and allows complex 3D forms for fitting the human body or even car seats without the need for sewing.