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Selection for ISPO Textrends Fall/Winter 2019-’20 focuses on sustainability

Leading members from all sectors of the textile industry will form the jury to select the products that will feature in ISPO Textrends at ISPO Munich 2018. What is clear at this jury meeting was the increased creativity and an eye for finish. ISPO Textrends received a record 512 products for Fall/Winter 19/20 covering 10 sectors, including base layer to outer, street sports, insulation and trims. The Eco Era section was well accounted for, but it was clear that the eco and sustainable trends are fast becoming the norm in the textile industry.

David Shah, Editor in Chief, VIEW noted, “Innovation is the new word and if they are going to survive they have to innovate and they are really understanding innovation.”  One sector that caught the attention of the jury was membranes and coatings. New developments including reflective changeant effects through to abstract prints being coated and super light rip stops as well as eco-friendly applications appealed to members of the jury.

Colour was also a key element with companies focusing more detail on surface effect and contrasting yarn use. But what was also evident was that it is not enough to just look good and perform, the touch also has to be exceptional, with many applications scoring on all of these key factors.

Breathability, thermal regulating, moisture management and FIR yarns and finishes were witnessing a growth. Merino wool was also up on the list with single knits in hybrid blends delivering a natural touch with high level of performance. Reflectivity in printed fabrics and also in trims and accessories have been enhanced with the latest innovations combining a safety element with a much stronger decorative appeal.

ISPO Textrends confirmed sustainability was the in thing today and companies have embraced this in all the product sectors from insulation through to membranes. Another ISPO Textrends seen was a notable higher level of quality and finishing. Three key seasonal highlights: First, nature’s function, is the growing interest in bringing natural fibres into the performance market in hybrid blends and pure qualities in how nature can enhance the overall function and appeal in the sports and outdoors sector. Second, lightweight protection, this was awarded to high tenacity base layer fabrics and spacer structured second layers as well as innovation that featured in the insulation sector. Third, surface effect, is a purely optical as well as physical textural effect.