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Relooping Fashion proposes circular ecosystem for textiles

The Relooping Fashion Initiative has published a report which explains the principles of a circular economy in the textile industry. The report reveals ways to maintain the value of materials, while keeping its impact on the environment to a bare minimum. It covers repair and maintenance; re-use as a product; re-use as material and recycling related activities; and business models for post-consumer/user textiles along the entire value chain.

Relooping Fashion is of the view that different business models need to work together to ensure that a textile circular economy is effective. It further points out that new recycling technology is at the centre of this move to replace virgin materials like cotton. The ecosystem modelling sees a key role in a share system level to include retailers, suppliers, non-profit organisations and governmental departments.

Relooping Fashion said in a statement, “Collaboration is crucial, so that necessary investments can be made to scale up the actions towards a circular economy. Consumers are ready, brands are interested and several parts of the puzzle are being solved. It is our planet that can no longer wait. We hope that this report will give more courage to the growing number of stakeholders to take the necessary next steps and speed up the development of truly circular textile products available to all.”