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REICONICS: Circular denim collection at Denim Première Vision in Milan


In a groundbreaking collaboration, textile industry leaders Recover, Evlox, and Jeanologia are set to unveil their revolutionary recycled denim capsule collection, REICONICS, at Milan's Denim Première Vision on November 23-24. The project integrates the expertise of each company, presenting a holistic approach to enhancing circularity within the denim industry, encompassing the entire production process from fiber to finish.

The REICONICS collection, crafted from Recover recycled cotton fiber and Spanish cotton, holds GRS certification and pays homage to classic denim fabrics of past decades. With a focus on eco-design, transparency, process measurement, traceability, and scalability, the collection seeks to inspire and add value to the industry by creating truly circular products.

Comprising premium denim fabrics by Evlox and 14 final garments, the collection showcases Jeanologia's innovative technology, reducing water and energy consumption while eliminating harmful emissions. Remarkably, a single jacket in the REICONICS line, incorporating 32% Recover recycled fiber and Jeanologia finishing, conserves up to 240 liters of water compared to its conventional counterpart.

Alfredo Ferre, CEO at Recover, expressed pride in contributing to the groundbreaking project, emphasizing its potential to guide brands towards a more sustainable future. Francisco Ortega, Evlox R&D Director, and Enrique Silla, CEO at Jeanologia, echoed the sentiment, underscoring the collection's role in reshaping the future of denim manufacturing, making circular fashion accessible without compromising heritage.



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