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Ralph Lauren to launch wearable tech shirts

Accessories and clothing that are aimed at tracking performance and health are getting fashionable. Technology developers and fashion designers are working more closely on wearables. Ralph Lauren plans to unveil its high-performance smart compression shirt soon. The shirt features sensors knitted in to read heartbeat, respiration and other biometrics. Data collected by the shirt is stored by a black box, which also is enabled with ways to capture movement and direction. The black box transmits data, including stress levels and energy output, into the cloud for display on a tablet or smart phone. The Ralph Lauren polo pony is highly visible in bright yellow on the front of the shirts. David Lauren, the executive vice president for advertising, marketing and corporate communications and a son of the designer, is optimistic that the new shirts will be able to catch the eyes of fans around the globe. The new T-shirt will be the first wearable technology product released by a mainstream fashion label. For the near future, the company will be focusing much of its attention on integrating technology into everyday wear. In addition to the t-shirts, there are also plans for a classic dress shirt that is tech-enhanced and a new line of contemporary streetwear.

Meanwhile HP is developing a high-design smart watch that is Android and iOS compatible, allowing a user to take in notifications for email, text and calls, and to manage music and apps.

Football helmets can measure impact and tennis rackets can tell how hard a person hits the ball, and how good their backhand is in real time. The digital fitness category has grown tremendously and consumers range from serious athletes to hobbyists. Wearable technology devices like smart glasses, bracelets, watches and fitness tracking devices are getting popular. Knowing their pulse, their wellness level and their activity level makes them feel great. Added to this is the fact that wearable products also look great.