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PIS to focus on new functional textiles

The 15th Preview in Seoul (PIS) organized in September will focus on functional materials and fashion apparel. About 30 Korean and foreign companies have applied to participate in this year’s PIS, and functional textile companies form a considerable portion of the exhibitors. In particular, these functional textile companies have developed fine and highly functional fabrics for fashion materials, thereby increasing the fabrics’ functionality and texture.

The development of functional materials and rising demand can be attributed to the recent, widespread awareness of functional materials for sports, outdoor, casual, daily wear, and women’s apparel in the fashion market. Hyosung, Kolon Fashion Material, Huvis, and other leading textile chemical companies participated in PIS in 2006 and will be part of this year’s edition again after a gap of eight years showcasing highly functional yarns and new, diverse products.

Hyosung is planning to introduce ‘Creora’, a company that holds the world’s largest share in the spandex market, ‘Robic’, ‘Aqua-X’, ‘Cotna’, ‘Aerogear’, and other highly functional nylon- polyester yarn brands. Furthermore, ‘Cotna’ offers materials that have cotton-like texture and the functions of polyester. Hyosung endeavors to produce a synergetic effect at the exhibition with other yarn suppliers and textile representatives. </br>

Kolon Fashion Material will unveil ‘cela’, ‘XF-Series’, ‘MIMOFIL’, ‘ROJEL’, ‘U-VEIL’, ‘NAROPORA)’, ‘neoVENT’, and other distinguished, functional materials. In particular, ‘cela’ boasts its natural appearance like that of cotton, holds its shape firmly, and provides comfort. ‘MIMOFIL’ highlights its visual presentation through a two-tone effect, thus being recognized as a highly fine material.

Huvis will exhibit ‘Seaone’ that can provide comfort and UV protection and will introduce ‘XN’, which is made out of dyed polypropylene materials that offer lightweight and thermal protection. Furthermore, Huvis will display ‘MOKA’ that has underwent weaving and yarn processing technique to imitate cotton’s texture. Medium-sized textile companies such as Young Textile, Young Tex, Paka, Shin Heung, ST One Chang, and Duck Wo Corporation are also preparing to welcome buyers with highly functional and fine materials at PIS.