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Optitex joins IEEE Standards Association Initiative

Optitex, a provider of integrated 2-D CAD and 3-D digital product solutions for the textile industry, has joined the IEEE Standards Association Initiative to collaborate, research and build technology standards for 3D body processing.

As consumers seek more personalised shopping experiences, brands are seeking to incorporate 3-D scanning, modeling and visualisation into their businesses to further enhance their customer’s experience. This includes creating customised, tailor fitted garments, but also better products with improved 3-D capabilities.

Optitex, as an innovative thought leader in the future of 3-D and fashion, has joined the initiative to help create standards to implement these technologies into the fashion industry. Such standards will include privacy, communication, quality specifications, and sharing protocols.

According to Optitex, in a fast-fashion market, it’s all about getting the best products out for the consumer needs, as quickly as possible.